Packaging: 800g x 6

Available: All stages

Product Description

Bebilon  Pronutra-Advance Next milk contains a composition of carefully selected ingredients necessary for proper development for children over 6 months of age. It contains, among others, α-linolenic acid (ALA) from the omega 3 group, important for brain and nerve tissue .
Bebilon  from Pronutra Advance contains:
Vitamins A, C and D: important for the proper functioning of the immune system
DHA and ALA (Omega 3): important for brain development and AA (Omega 6) naturally occurring in breast milk
GOS / FOS: GOS / FOS oligosaccharides reproduce the composition of breast milk oligosaccharides
HMO 3’GL: 3’GL human milk oligosaccharide is naturally found in breast milk. 3’GL comes from our unique process.
Complete composition with ingredients naturally found in breast milk *
Bebilon  from Pronutra Advance is a complete composition, inspired by research on breast milk composition (HMS – Human Milk Science).
It provides the child with benefits such as proper development, including support of immunity and brain development.


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