We are International Brands Group BV is a dynamically developing wholesale food supplier from the Netherlands.

Int Brands Group

Our main business direction is wholesale food trade. We supply branded confectionery, such as Lindt, Ferrero, Mars, Daim, Quality Street, Nestle, Storck, Toblerone, Cote d’Or, Ritter Sport, Milka, Ovomaltine, Leibniz, Lambertz, Loacker, Lotus, Oreo, Haribo, Trolli, Hitschler, Kellog’s, Wrigley, Katjes, Chupa Chups, Granini Bon-Bons; beverages, such as Mars Drinks, Sunquick, Starbucks; sauces and cereals, such as Heinz, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, Hahne, etc., to customers from our warehouse in Rotterdam/Netherlands.

Int Brands Group BV ​

A Dynamically Developing Wholesale Food Supplier From The Netherlands.​


Why Choose Us

Int Brands Group believes that businesses are responsible for achieving good environmental practice and operating in a sustainable manner.


Int Brand Group B.V is dedicated to providing the best branded food and beverages to people throughout their day, throughout their lives, throughout the world. With our unique experience of anticipating retailers’ needs and creating solutions, Int Brand Group B.V contributes to your well-being and enhances your quality of life.


Vision statement: “Int Brands Group B.V’s aim is to meet the various needs of the retailers every day by marketing and selling branded products of a consistently high quality. The confidences that customers have in our brands is a result of our company’s many years of knowledge in marketing, research, and development, as well as continuity – customers relate to this and feel they can trust our products”. In particular, they envision to; Lead a dynamic, motivated and professional workforce – proud of our heritage and positive about the future. Meet the needs of customers of all ages – from infancy to old age, from nutrition to pleasure, through an innovative portfolio of branded food and beverage products of the highest quality. Deliver shareholder value through profitable long-term growth, while continuing to play a significant and responsible role in the social, economic, and environmental sectors of the Netherlands and the world.